Customer Service

  1. Billing Procedures

    Be prepared for monthly billing by knowing when your bill is due and how to pay it in full.

  2. Connecting Services

    New customers may make arrangements to begin service by stopping by our office with the correct documentation.

  3. Credit & Collection Policies

    Understand the process for collection if payments are not made by the due date.

  4. Disconnecting Services

    If you are planning to move, this page will let you know the timeline and requirements for disconnecting services.

  5. Illegal Use of Service

    Tampering with meters, operating non-standard or unauthorized equipment is both illegal and dangerous, and theft of services will eventually increase the cost of services to our paying customers.

  6. Insufficient Funds Check

    Read about how Clarksville Light and Water (CL&W) handles checks that come back with insufficient funds.

  7. Right of Access

    In order to provide the best possible utility service to our customers, Clarksville Light and Water Company (CL&W) requires access to your premises at all reasonable times.

  8. Termination of Services

    Review what fees are involved with terminating services.

  9. Online Bill Pay

    Online Statements and Bill Payments